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Tote bags, lunch bags/mini coolers, backpacks and duffle bags…whatever you need to pack we are good to go!

We even have a water bottle to coordinate.


Ballet Beautiful!

Flower and Ribbon Garlands to surround your Ballet Bun!

The  BunFun™ is a trademarked product of Dancer.NYC.

Custom designed wreaths to coordinate with your leotards and costumes. Great for ballet class, auditions, performances, recitals, competitions, dress-up or even every day.

 Fantastic Party Activities and Party Favors.  Make your own BunFun™ and/or Make Your Own Tutu! Creative and fun arts and crafts activity for your next party. Kits include all the materials you will need to design and make BunFun™ and/or tutus. You select one color or many, or a theme and we select the ribbons and flowers.